Our Cheeses

All the cheeses are made from raw milk, contain vegetarian rennet
and are hand-made from ladling the curd to final wrapping.

Ali ladling the curd into the moulds for Golden Cross

Matt taking the Golden Cross out of moulds

Golden Cross is a log shaped goat’s milk cheese which can be eaten fresh or matured. Coagulation takes 24 hours before the curds are gently ladled into long moulds to form the log shape. The cheeses are lightly charcoaled prior to maturation when a velvety white penicillium mould develops on the surface.

  • When young the cheese has a fine, firm silky texture and fresh, citrus flavour.
  • As it matures the cheese becomes denser and creamier and develops stronger, more complex flavours.
  • Golden Cross is a versatile cheese that goes well on a cheeseboard or can be used for cooking and grilling.

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Chabis goat cheese just taken out of moulds

Chabis is a small truncated cone-shaped goat’s milk cheese that is usually sold young but can be matured.

  • As it is made from the same curd as the Golden Cross it will develop a bloomy white penicillium mould rind.
  • It is a lovely cheeseboard cheese with a fresh, delicate creaminess.


Box of Wrapped Flower Marie ready for sale

Flower Marie is a mould ripened square shaped ewe’s milk cheese with a white bloomy rind (200g or 600g).

  • The ewe’s milk is produced by flocks of sheep from Wayfield Dairy Sheep, Stratford-upon-Avon.
  • As it matures the cheese develops a delicate but full, complex flavour and an intense, creamy softness.

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