Welcome to the Golden Cross Cheese Company Ltd. Since 1989 we have been producing our specialist soft, mould ripened goats’ and sheeps’ milk cheeses and supplying outlets throughout Great Britain. Golden Cross, Chabis and Flower Marie each have a unique flavour and quality and you can find out more about how we produce them here. We are also proud of gaining recognition within the industry by receiving a number of prestigious awards since the start of our venture.

Our Goats....... All the milk for Golden Cross cheese and chabis is produced on the farm by our herd of 220 milking goats. Apart from the 4 male goats for breeding, all the goats have been born and reared on the farm.....

Delicious Goat & Sheep Milk Cheeses

Display of various cheeses

They are a mixture of British Saanen, Toggenburg and British Alpine and graze outside during the day from spring through to autumn. At night and in the winter they are housed in airy straw bedded yards – goats hate the cold and rain!

They are fed hay all year round and milked twice a day through a modern in- line parlour where they are fed a concentrate dairy nut. Milking takes around 5-6 hours a day. All the surplus kids (male and female) are reared for meat on the farm and marketed through local wholesale butchers.

The Making Of....

Taking cheese from the moulds

You can find out more about our specialist cheeses and some of the processes involved here. In addition you may be tempted into tasting some of our delicious products....

You can find a full list of where you can buy our cheeses across England and Scotland here. Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information.

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